All Things Murphy

A comprehensive listing of all kinds of Murphy's Laws. If you have any more that I can add to the list, please e-mail them to me.


Murphy's Laws and Corollaries
Murphy on Combat
Murphy on Technology
Murphy on Love
Murphy on Sex

This list represents a compilation from many sources, including slips of unidentified paper and long-since-deleted electronic mail. Some sources, however, provided significant enough contributions that they are remembered. Foremost among these are (1) a list accumulated by veteran collector Conrad Schneiker (formerly of U of Arizona, now believed to be at CDC in Sunnyvale) and expanded by Ed Logg, Gregg Townshend, and John Ehrman, and (2) Paul Dickson's excellent book, "The Official Rules", which I heartily recommend. Not only does Dickson include many items that, for one reason or another, are omitted from this list, but he also includes attributions wherever possible. (Some of his attributions are known to be incorrect, but it's still amusing reading.) Another book: "The Complete Murphy's Laws" by Arthur Bloch.




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