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For those of you that are into the great game of chess, here is a place where you can play real people over the internet with a graphic interface (i.e. you can actually see the board and use the mouse to move your pieces). There is a 7-day free trial period in which to check it out.

The World's Most Active Chess Club


Looking for something?!?! Here are a great collection of search engines. Between them you should be able to find anything or anybody...I kid you not!!!

Very Famous!!!
Also Famous!!!
Alta Vista
Homepage Search!!!
Another Search Engine!!!
Powerful Search Engine!!!
Colleges and Universities Homepages
Find any University Homepage
People Finder!!!
World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Business Finder!!!


For those of you that are members of the Columbia House or BMG CD clubs - did you know that you can respond on-line to that annoying card they send to you all the time and expect you to send back? No stamp, no postage hassles, the next time you are somewhere where you have access to the internet, you can tell them whether you want the damn selection of the month or not and also order anything else you may want - right on the Net. You have to have that annoying card with you though - it has some on-line code numbers and your membership number that you will need to use the service. There are the addresses of a couple of other places on the web where you can buy music. Enjoy!!!

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CD Banzai Homepage


Shareware, shareware and more shareware....utilities, games, etc.

Galt Shareware

Tucows Homepage


Free Software for Windows 95
Free Software for Windows 95

Jumbo Shareware


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Winsite Shareware Site