My Babies!!!

1999 Honda CBR600 F4

bike_front.jpg (20966 bytes)

Front View

bike_rf.jpg (37989 bytes)

From the side.....kinda!!!

arai1.gif (57060 bytes)

The Headgear...I need to look at least as cool as my baby...dont you think?

bike1.gif (68327 bytes)

Me......with my baby!!!

bike2.gif (74413 bytes)

Me and my baby......again!!!

  Ain't she a beauty!?!?!

1997 Acura Integra GS-R

acura1.gif (79218 bytes)

acura2.gif (79299 bytes)

Before I added the spoiler and the new wheels

acura5.gif (79218 bytes)

In the backwoods of Arkansas

acura3.gif (22298 bytes)

Fog lamps and high beams....Is that cool or what?

acura6.gif (73415 bytes)

Check out the speedometer!!!   She can really do 130 m.p.h.